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février 8, 2013

From dusk till dawn, and further. Ten hours of poetry, ten hours of performances based on rhythm, on rhyme and metric. Galerie Vanessa Quang in Paris hosts an unmissable appointment for those who have the DNA composed by hexameters and tetrameters, and maybe want to listen to declamation made by people beyond any suspicion.
Organized by Barbara Polla and Jean-Philippe Rossignol, Nuit de la Poésie will start Saturday 9th Februray, at 9 pm, and will end Sunday 10th February, at 7 am.
The meeting is inspired by the Athenian Nights that the Soviet writer and poet Varlam Chalamov (or Šalamov o Shalamov…) prepared when he was a Gulag prisoner and will involve personalities such as Anne Alvaro, Claude Arnaud, Michaël Ferrier, Robert Montgomery, Marie Richeux, Cécile Wajsbrot and our Rosanna Gangemi – expected shortly after midnight.
There aren’t planned language or style restrictions – a French elegy could follow an English sonnet, or vice versa. On the press release of the event, “blankets, pillows, drink and dreams” are promised. Then, on Sunday morning, all the participants will allow themselves to have a petit déjeuner at Café Charlot. Someone will have a double espresso, that’s for sure.

Gabriele Girolamini

Nuit de la poésie
Galerie Vanessa Quang
5 bis rue de Beauce

Paris (France), from February 9th to February 10th 2013

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