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Casa Dell Arte Residency in Bodrum, again and forever !

septembre 4, 2013

I have been invited, for a second time, to evaluate the artists currently in residency in Bodrum, at Casa Dell’Arte, this September. Casa dell’Arte is an exceptional hotel created by the Buyukkusoglu family, which welcomes the residency outside the tourist season. The resources of Casa dell’Arte may then used by the artists. According to Gamze Buyukkusoglu, “this dual use of the hotel causes a change of systems, leading to double-meanings. What a certain object means to a tourist and to an artist are completely different. This leads to constant deconstruction and new understandings of the dynamics of the place. Casa Dell’Arte can be a great place for vacation or networking, but we’ve witnessed magical things happen when the artists take an interest and respect the geography or the personal and social history of the location. Being away from the many things that can block or impede an artist from being productive (the daily hustle and bustle of a city, too much technology, too much art, personal relations, pressure to pay bills etc.) the resident artists step outside of their comfort zones, spending time with themselves, each other, the local inhabitants and adapt in their own ways to the environment. What we want the artists to take away from here are these interactions and conversations, a sense of this place – something special that will continue to nourish their work.”

Among the artists in residency last Spring, Eva Magyarosi is currently showing her work with Analix Forever in Paris, Ivana Ivkovic is writing a paper in Serbian about Analix Forever and Kiah Reading recently visited the gallery in Paris.

I am very very much looking forward meeting with Bahar Behbahani, Türkay Çotuk, Elif Erkan, Andrijana Pajovic and Chaveli Sifre Riestra, in less than two weeks from now !

Basir Mahmood, A Message to the Sea, video still (from a video produced @ Casa dell Arte)

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