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A propos des élections en Turquie

avril 2, 2014


Ali Kazma, l’artiste de RESISTANCE (Pavillon turc, Biennale de Venise 2013), revendique la liberté démocratique avec autant de rigueur qu’il met dans son art


Something Rotten in the Republic of Turkey

Erdogan wins yet another election despite corruption, clamps on personal freedoms, internet censorship, and devious and authoritarian use of his power. He got around 44 percent of the votes. There seems to be some foul play with elections. I believe it has been effective in swinging close races to his party, like in Ankara which Erdogan won by less than half a percent point, and in some other provinces, but I believe it does not fundamentally change the fact that Turkish voters pre-dominantly voted for him.

The second party – CHP, a curious mixture of social democrats and Kemalists, has won about 29 percent with the National Party claiming about 16 percent.

One promising outcome seems to be the increase in the votes of the coalition of the Kurdish, Socialists, LGBT and other progressive actors in the political arena, BDP/HDP. They have received about 7 percent of the votes. This is promising for it foretells the possible increase of the coalition to above the outrageously high 10 percent of the votes needed to put MPs in the parliament. It would bring some color, and much needed wit to the dull, grey and claustrophobic atmosphere that looms in the parliament. This is one good outcome among the disastrous ones for the future of the Turkish political and social life in the up-coming years.

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