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Un espace-temps pour humer les roses de la vie, selon Ada Polla

mai 18, 2014


Créer cet espace-temps, ce “breathing room”, tous les jours : c’est ce que nous suggère sur son blog ma délicieuse fille aînée

Breathing room : In a time of 24/7 connectedness, of constant communication and never-ending information, a time where workaholism is glorified and being “busy” is a badge of honor (I have to admit being guilty of all of these at least sometimes), it is helpful to be reminded that life is more enjoyable with breathing room.

To make more breathing room, I am going to (try to) say “no” more often, with kindness and grace of course. I will say “yes” to growth and “no” to noise. I will look at everything I do and question what my priorities are, and why they are priorities. I will plan my weeks better, remembering that great planning and great preparation lead to great execution. I will stop to smell the roses (not while on the phone).

Coco Chanel once said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” My Mom applied this same concept to time management and once told me: “Before you start your week, look at your calendar and cancel something non-essential.” As always, Mom was right.

Exister, c’est respirer (disait Jacques Coulais – … )
Et pour lire toute l’histoire : cliquez ici

Mom and Ada upclose small webAs always…




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  1. Aline permalink
    mai 18, 2014 20:25

    Whooaaoo, tes filles semblent aussi douées que toi pour écrire et apprécier la vie. Que de réussites dont tu peux être fière 🙂 J’espère rencontrer le reste de la famille Polla … un jour ! Je t’embrasse, Aline


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