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“We are happy to serve you : words in art” vus par Louise Stern ou The struggle to communicate

mai 28, 2014

Il m’a paru essentiel, dans cette exposition, d’inclure le travail de Louise Stern, qui lui apporte un espace de silence. La vidéo de Louise Stern, Extractions, nous montre un homme (Michele Robecchi) qui essaie “visiblement” de dire quelque chose de difficile, d’important, peut-être de douloureux. Visiblement car les mots sont inaudibles, pour l’artiste sourde (qui se revendique comme telle et rejette le terme malentendante) comme pour nous. Louise Stern nous emmène ainsi dans son monde de silence, un monde où les mots se voient mais ne s’entendent pas. “This work, dit-elle, comes from my experience but I think the struggle to communicate in a way that is a true reflection of ourselves is at the center of the human experience and I want to try and look at this in all of my work.”

À propos de “We are happy to serve you”, Louise m’écrit : 

“The potency and impotency of words passes over our heads and around us as well as through this strange world of ours, one that seems to put more faith into words to carry power inside themselves. At Visconti 22, Barbara Polla’s refuge of a gallery, with the ceiling way into the sky, it is possible for a minute to take a glance at this mystery with more objectivity than usual. Suddenly it becomes real again how distant words actually are, how they float somewhere above their actual presence. 
Robert Montgomery’s peom on a wall simultaneously draws us in with its delicacy of meaning and pushe s us away with its hard materiality while the beautifully securing buildings, “Tresor”, and “Angst”, by Michaela Spiegel, carry a futile prayer on their faces, and a female and fertile quality comes across in her “Corne d’abondance” where a glass terrarium feeds words that do not thrust and attempt to convince but lie in peace, unraveling on ribbons and resting. This is the very place in the show where, for me, words are truly poetic in both meaning and being.” 


Image : Extractions, Video Still, © Louis Stern

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