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Tracey Emin – Everything is possible – And “Art is a Freedom” !

octobre 14, 2014

Tracey, we love you and your art ! “Art is a freedom” did you once write to me in a most beautiful and precious letter.

But let me disagree with the fact that “it wouldn’t be possible to be an artist and mother”. In recent papers, it appears that “Tracey Emin has insisted that her career as an artist would make it impossible for her to have children and be a mother, telling the Independent that it isn’t easy for a female artist to juggle both a career and parenthood.”

Yes. Nobody said it is easy. But it is not impossible !

In an interview with Red Magazine, Emin maintains that having children would “compromise” her work. “I know some women can. But that’s not the kind of artist I aspire to be,” she says. “I would have been either 100 percent mother or 100 percent artist. I’m not flaky and I don’t compromise.”

I know too many women who have children and are wonderful artists. Let me mention, among many many others, Elena Kovylina, who was part of Manifesta this year, with a work entitled Equality. Or Rachel Labastie with whom I am right now installing a show at the Château des Adhémar and who produces her sculpture with her 2 years old son nearby. And so many others… Let’s each of us have children – or not – as each of us wishes – but let’s not make any rule or reconstruct impossibilities that it took us so long to deconstruct !

live_concert EK

Elena Kovylina in Salzburg, performing. Courtesy The Artist & Analix Forever


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