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Maro Michalakakos, Greek godess of the joy to create

mai 4, 2015

Pour vous

Kiss me like you never kiss me again

April 18, 2015, State of Concept, Athens

“The artists are the murderers of death”, Pascal Quignard

Maro Michalakakos, as an artist, as a murderer of death, reminds us tonight that death is a feast for those like us who are alive.
And that this is how it should be. The artist reminds us that death makes us alive and shapes our human condition. Death shapes our civilizations, our religions, our positions in life, our creativity, our nostalgias, our actions – and our feasts.
Death shapes the greed and the impossibility of control of our human condition, up to the point that whenever we give birth, we also give death as a future promise. 
Death is uncontrollable. Killing and self killing are the ultimate desperate gestures to try to control it – another attempt being to keep life forever – as a medical doctor my own position towards the invaluable value of each day of my life, of your life, of our human lives, is shaped by my medical knowledge and unknowledge of death. It is not possible to understand death. Death cannot be controlled nor explained by art, but it is beautified by art; it may become a joy and even a play, through art.

Maro Michalakakos with this dinner reminds us that we should not leave the dead alone… They are part of us, they are inside us, they live with us. They are much more numerous than we are, they are everywhere, and wherever we put our live feet on earth, there are dead bodies buried underneath. They are generous to us, giving their bodies back to the world and this is what Maro Michalakakos enlightens tonight, feeding us with a body of death, with an artistic body of death – with her own body.

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