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“The most beautiful days we haven’t seen yet”

décembre 27, 2015

Dearest readers, I wish you an end of the year full of poetry, beauty and fun – as was our Night in Athens. The fun – this was in particular Kate Adams, who offered us a great performance on language, Europe and the role of cheese in European identity … Poetry was in Greek, in Turkish, in English, in French, in Italian, in Flemish…

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And among the most beautiful poems were those by Nazim Hikmet, read by Ali Kazma who came from Istanbul for the Night. Nazim Hikmet, while in jail, where lights were turned off at 9pm, used to write, in the dark, each night, a poem for his wife.

This one was written on the night of September 24, 1945:

The most beautiful sea 

hasn’t been crossed yet.

The most beautiful child 

hasn’t grown up yet.

The most beautiful days 

we haven’t seen yet.

And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you

I haven’t said yet

And the following one, on December 4, 1945 – while “The beauty of rebellion” is as timely for us today than it was, 75 years ago, for Nazim Hikmet:

Take out from your chest 

the dress you wore 

the first time I saw you

and dress up 

like the spring trees. 

Put in your hair the carnation 

I am sending you from prison, 

Lift up your forehead 

white and creased with those lines 

that should be kissed, 

And by no means look sad 

or daunted on such a day. 

The wife of Nazim Hikmet must be beautiful 

like the flag of a rebellion 

on such a day

The most beautiful days we haven’t seen yet. May be in 2016. Beautiful like the flag of a rebellion.

Poetry is Resistance

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