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Leila Alaoui, artiste à l’honneur du FIFDH, sur DROME magazine

mars 11, 2016

©Leila Alaoui

“As a Franco-Moroccan artist working on questions of identity and migration in the Mediterranean area, today I feel a real responsibility to talk about the contemporary reality of immigration in France. I am currently working on a project which reflects on the relation between individual memories and the collective history of the first generation of immigrants from the former French territories and colonies, the better to understand the struggles of the later French-born generations. The ‘Out of Place’ project also explores the consequences of a fragile colonial past, notions of reconstructing identity and belonging in a society where communities are withdrawing into themselves as fear of the other becomes increasingly acute.”
Pour lire l’article entier : en anglais ; ou en italien.

Festival du film et forum international sur les droits humains
website of Leila Alaoui:

Geneva, 4-13 March, 2016

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