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Donald Trump you are counting I guess

octobre 10, 2016

I love men, I praise them, I am intrigued by them, I have observed their behavior with passionate curiosity, including in politics (I was an elected politician for twelve years, four of them as an MP). I have written about them and I am even publishing this very November a book entitled In praise of erection – first book ever with such a title. This is not an anatomy book: I am considering architectural erection, psychological, artistic, poetic, mythological erection in all its beauty, fragility, surprise, fertility, pride… – erection as a gift.

Do I love Donald Trump? Not really, but I am intrigued by him too. And even more so by those men who are going to vote for him. Donald Trump knows how to count, this is for sure. So I guess that if he is behaving so much worse than a male pig chauvinist (I hope the pigs will forgive me for the comparison), that means that his counting led him to the conclusion that this is the way he will get the most votes.

OK then, why is that? To whom is this behavior appealing? I guess to those who are nostalgic – a fake nostalgia though – of a time where nothing else was worth considering than male power. And what Donald Trump tells us, is that these men are millions – millions of angry, nostalgic, impotent, sad men. And likely also millions of women who are sad to see their men sad and are ready to vote for Trump to give them back some mental security.

One question we should then ask ourselves, as women and as a whole society (including sane men and women) therefore is: “What have we done wrong? Why is it that men feel that way? How can we fix this, and let them know that they are important to us, essential to us and that we love them?”

It is a story about power and puissance. Spinoza explained that power is a sad emotion that takes away from the others to feed oneself. Puissance is a joyful emotion that gives to the other – that “empowers”. We as women and we as a whole society need to find ways to empower those men so that they don’t need anymore ever to vote for a Donald Trump to feel they are “real men”. Donald Trump appears to be solely interested in power – taking away from women, from immigrants, from whomever possible. The answer then is? Empowerment. Finding ways to empower women and men, Americans and strangers, the poor and the rich, natives and immigrants, white and colored, gays and straight and trans and the real men, those who dream and those who count. We are all human after all and should all be proud to be.

Donald Trump knows how to count (votes, and dollars). Let him continue to count dollars. And lets make clear that what really counts is empowerment and pride to exist for all and each of us.

God bless America – and my American daughter.

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