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How democrats got Donald Trump elected

novembre 28, 2016

2016: America was ready for a change.

For the last eight years, America was chanting “Yes we can”. Yes we can change. But despite a luminous presidency, some things important to Americans did not change, or not as fast as they would have liked. The economy. The wars. Healthcare management. Racial justice and more.

“It just became obvious to me that we need a radical change in Washington to fix a broken and over inflated government.”

America wanted a change. Democrats offered Clinton: back to politician politics. Sure, Hillary Clinton has been working very hard; sure, she is knowledgeable. But she didn’t offer any change. Of the many dozen people I asked about Clinton’s program here in Europe, no one could tell me what this program was – except a status quo.

“I knew from day one I could not support Hillary.  One of the reasons I left politics was because of politicians.  I could not stand when politicians thought the rules should not apply to them. The Clintons are classic examples of “special rules for special people” meaning the laws don’t apply to them.”

America wanted fresh air. Democrats dismissed Bernie Sanders. Too leftist? Maybe. But he offered a change – the type of change young Americans were looking for. Many young Americans would have voted for him.

“I was disgusted at how they thought Hillary was entitled to be President because it was her turn.  This is not the American way.”

America wanted a new adventure. Obama has been one. Clinton had no adventure to offer.

Donald Trump offers change, fresh air, a non-politician approach to politics, a new adventure. Somehow, all his defects – and there are many – got hidden behind the fact that he was “innocent”. He didn’t know how to be a politician – he just spoke out – sometimes terribly but got forgiven for that.

Everyone makes mistakes and it wasn’t very presidential of him to say those things, but perhaps a learning experience for him.”

Trump’s voters are not only old male chauvinist pigs or disgusting racists. There are also many young gorgeous dedicated intelligent hard working dynamic women who voted for Trump,

What did democrats do wrong with this group of voters?

They assumed that women would vote for a woman. Sure, of course. However, these young gorgeous dedicated intelligent hard working dynamic women are aware that being a woman might well be a privilege, but not a privilege big enough as to entitle you to become President of the (dis)United States of America without discussion. Interestingly enough, in all the very papers I read by women supporting the election of a woman president, all supported a woman candidate, not many though supported Hillary Clinton.

The media had it wrong.  They thought women have to vote for women.” 

I will never forgive Hillary for leaving our troops in Benghazi to be killed.”

Clinton was never to me an inspiring woman. I viewed her touting the party line and a history of lying and political maneuvering to get herself ahead.”

“I started out supporting a woman actually – Carly Fiorino.  I was drawn to her not because she was a woman, but because of her business experience.  I wanted someone to fix Washington and I knew it had to be an outsider with business experience.” 

Furthermore, while I am convinced that America was ready to vote for a woman, the country was not at all ready to victimize women. Democrats implemented the wrong strategy when they took out of the closets women who supposedly had been in some way abused by Trump. No way this would gain votes for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats should have thought about all of this ahead of time. They would have spared their beloved candidate Hillary Clinton many delusions. They would have spared themselves the failure they now have to face. They would have spared America having to deal with Donald Trump as president. But instead, they got Donald Trump elected.

It might well not be too big a disaster after all.

“I am really surprised by the result of the election but not fearful. There are lots of checks and balances in our system. I see the next four years as an adventure.”

But one major problem the Democrats now have urgently to deal with is racism. Democrats got a black president elected, which was an incredibly wonderful achievement. But this election and this eight years presidency have not eliminated racism.

Democrats, as soon as they recover from failure – hopefully soon enough – will have to engage extremely seriously with this major issue for the years to come. They contributed to the election of Donald Trump: they are now carrying the major responsibility of preventing racism and hate from spreading in the country. America is and has to be further the country of all freedoms. Trump will take care of the economical, trade, financial freedoms. The Democrats now need to engage more actively than ever on the ground of personal freedoms and civil rights.


Barbara Polla thanks her daughter Ada Polla (Washington) and her son in law Edwin Neill (New Orleans) for all the relevant information and contacts they gave her that helped her gain a personal view and understanding of the election and its current forecasts. All quotes in blue are by American women in their 30ies or early 40ies, all friends of Ada Polla. Thank you ladies!

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